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Contact Lenses

Wyley McGrath Opticians provide a complete range of contact lens services, from initial consultations through to check-ups. Contact lenses are an excellent choice for those looking for better all-round vision, the freedom to be more active or simply looking to update their look. Contact lenses also involve greater care than glasses and it is important to schedule regular check-ups to stay on top of your eye health. We stock a range of daily and monthly wear contact lenses which have all been sourced from trusted suppliers, guaranteeing their quality.

A member of our skilled team will provide a full assessment of your eyes and advise accordingly on which contact lenses will best suit you. We want to ensure you are fully equipped to wear your new contact lenses and will walk you through the process so you can easily insert, remove and care for your contact lenses. As contact lens consultations can vary from person to person we always make sure to schedule extra time so that you are receiving the proper care and attention you need.

Advantages of Contact Lenses

  • Aesthetics Many people don’t like how glasses look. Contact lenses are virtually invisible to anyone observing.

  • View Contact lenses deliver a wider range of view as opposed to glasses.

  • Sports Contact lenses are a safer alternative to glasses when playing sports.


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